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Torii Gate Pendant

Torii Gate Pendant

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Introducing the Torii Gate Pendant: Embrace Japan’s Spiritual Icon

Dive into Japan's spiritual legacy with our stunning Torii Gate Pendant. Inspired by the majestic gateways of the Fushimi Inari-taisha shrine, this pendant holds centuries of cultural and spiritual significance.

This pendant embodies the deep symbolism of the grand torii gates at the heart of the shrine. Fushimi Inari-taisha, situated in Kyoto, is a revered Shinto shrine dedicated to Inari, the deity of rice, prosperity, and business. Its iconic vermilion torii gates create a captivating path along the sacred Mount Inari.

Care Instructions

Silver is best cleaned with warm soapy water (dish soap is good) and a soft bristled toothbrush before being dried fully.

Store clean, in a dry place.

Keep silver away from alkali such as chlorine, sulfuric compounds (such as eggs) and acids such as vinegar.
These chemicals will damage the finish and/or blacken silver.

To remove tarnish, use a polishing cloth and rub gently in circular motions until the metal shines brightly again


All of the metals we use are considered hypoallergenic and are not likely to cause any adverse skin reactions

There is no lead or nickel in any of our products.

For gold or silver sensitive individuals, please reach out to us about coating your pieces to make them safe to wear

High Quality Recycled Metals

Our metals are sourced from a reliable supplier and are Certified as 100% Recycled by SCS Global Services

Lifetime Warranty

We're so proud of our quality standards that we're offering a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and flaws.

Simply reach out to us about any defects in your beloved purchase and we'll replace it!

Ethically Handcrafted in Canada

All of our pieces are Ethically designed, and handcrafted in Canada by Faceless Jewelry Artisans

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Torii Gate Pendant

It is a very beautiful pendant! I am very happy with it.

Torii Gate Pendant

Wife loved it for our yearly tradition

Torii Gate Pendant

Best pendant out there... you can't find a better one.

Torii Gate

My Japanese friend Mari said that it was cool, and she really liked and appreciated it.