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Catacomb Skull Ring

Catacomb Skull Ring

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Behold the Catacomb Ring, an epitome of forgotten lore and forbidden whispers. Its band, meticulously etched with sinuous carvings, tells tales of skeletal sentinels and the hushed murmurs of necromantic rites.

Its design, austere yet alluring, mirrors the solemnity of ancient crypts, where shadows intertwine with the echoes of the past.

A solitary skull, its visage eternally enshrined, stands as a silent sentinel against the encroachment of the living, embodying the timeless cycle of mortality and the enigma of the afterlife.

Each intricate groove, each subtle curve, speaks volumes of curses lingering in the ethereal depths, and the steadfast guardianship of the catacombs' secrets.

Care Instructions

Silver is best cleaned with warm soapy water (dish soap is good) and a soft bristled toothbrush before being dried fully.

Store clean, in a dry place.

Keep silver away from alkali such as chlorine, sulfuric compounds (such as eggs) and acids such as vinegar.
These chemicals will damage the finish and/or blacken silver.

To remove tarnish, use a polishing cloth and rub gently in circular motions until the metal shines brightly again


All of the metals we use are considered hypoallergenic and are not likely to cause any adverse skin reactions

There is no lead or nickel in any of our products.

For gold or silver sensitive individuals, please reach out to us about coating your pieces to make them safe to wear

High Quality Recycled Metals

Our metals are sourced from a reliable supplier and are Certified as 100% Recycled by SCS Global Services

Lifetime Warranty

We're so proud of our quality standards that we're offering a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and flaws.

Simply reach out to us about any defects in your beloved purchase and we'll replace it!

Ethically Handcrafted in Canada

All of our pieces are Ethically designed, and handcrafted in Canada by Faceless Jewelry Artisans

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